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              Picturing My Toys is bringing collectibles                        Storage and Display to a Colorful New Dimension 

               An innovative and unique approach to storage that looks more like 

               3-D artwork and becomes more than your average storage solution.

                       This is a new dimension in decorative storage and display...

                                                   Artwork With a Function


                 With my new Patented system, various popular items (2" up to 18")

                 such as action figures, fashion dolls animal figures are now able

                 to hang out together and explore a new, full-color fantasy world. 

               Mix and match your collections of characters or figures designed

from movies or films, television shows, animated movies, cartoons, 

comic book heroes, video console games and computer games,  etc. 

This innovative, new product will appeal to consumers of all ages

10 to 100 and from all walks of life who want to go beyond 

storing collections in a box or sitting on a shelf.

The storage - and related industries - for these types of products are 

currently experiencing a void and are looking for new, fresh ideas. 

The need for my patented new product is already well-established.  


    Welcome to my new, colorful world of storage/display options.             Continue on for some pictures and videos of visitors on                       adventures in some of my earliest dimensions. 


  Note: Any Trademarked brand products shown in use on my prototypes are only used in order to demonstrate how my product "works".  Trademarks are the property of their respective owners and mention or depiction of any Trademarked products on this website does not imply any affiliation with, nor endorsement by, any of the named or depicted brands; nor does it imply any relationship between any Trademarked brands and my intellectual property or patented invention, nor does it grant any rights regarding my intellectual property or patented invention. 

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